Sunday, March 18, 2012

Heartworm Positive Dog Needs Treatment

Originally dubbed Taco at the shelter, Celebrating Pugs committed a pug mix from SC in February 2012. Through a chain of mishaps and mis-communication - we were informed that Rudy was, in actuality, a lab mix. We had already had Rudy vetted and prepared for transport the very next day.

At the 11th hour we were informed that there had been a mistake and that we needed to make a decision as to whether or not Rudy would still be transported. We were, however, also told that Rudy's time was up at the shelter and dogs would die the next day. The decision was ours. Committed the rescue and welfare of dogs who have no voice of their own, Celebrating Pugs remained committed to saving Rudy's life. Rudy is now here at our rescue - but heartworm positive.

Our rescue was promised that there was sponsorship monies collected for Rudy's heartworm treatment but they never arrived. Now we are faced with raising the funds for Rudy's heartworm treatment. Once Rudy is treated he has a forever home to go to.

Rudy really deserves this second chance at life. He was a dead dog walking when we got him. Now - he has a whole life to look forward to if he can just get this treatment. Please consider a donation to Rudy's cause today! He is so worth it! Every dollar counts. Please, won't you donate today?