Bea's Prayer Shawls

Darrow's Hope distributes prayer shawls through a program we call Bea's Prayer Shawls. Our shawls are made by private donors who are praying for the recipient as they lovingly make these shawls. Bea's Prayer Shawls are distributed to brain tumor patients throughout the United States. Our prayer shawls are hand delivered to patients in the hospital so that we are also able to pray with and over the patient.

Bea's Prayer Shawls can be used for a variety of reasons, including:

- Patients undergoing medical procedures
- Times of Stress
- Illness/Recovery
- During bereavement/comfort after loss

We are also able to distribute Bea's Prayer Shawls through the mail. They are also available to the families of brain tumor patients. Please send us an email inquiry to contact(@) for details.

Shawls made be knitted, crocheted, quilted, sewn, macrame, or machine knitted. If you are interested in donating your time and love to this ministry please email us for more information.

The Bea's Prayer Shawl Ministry was developed in honor of Bea Atkinson, Grandmother-In-Law to Pastor Joe. She and Pastor Joe have always shared a special bond of love. The family never knows who smiles more when they are together - her or him. They have shared many laughs and serious conversations over the years - and they have both said they were abundantly blessed by their love for one another.

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