Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Saddened this morning as we watch the Sheryl Crowe story play out. She has a meningioma - because it is benign there is a HUGE downplay. When we got the benign diagnosis from Pastor Joe's surgeon we were relieved...for about 2 minutes. Pastor Joe's battle is REAL! He has a lot more symptoms than patients we know with malignant brain tumors. In our constant research we found a statement that his tumor is benign but lethal. We are saddened that the media is downplaying diagnosis's like his. Pastor Joe is here by the Grace of God! He battles every day - THE BATTLE IS REAL! May God continue to bless, strengthen and heal all of those that are on this journey - no matter what the tumor has been classified as. We hope that we can use this situation as a way to bring awareness to brain tumors...and honor to all of those who are battling...and those who have gone on before us.

May the Lord bless you and keep you today!

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